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26 Junes Way, West Buxton, ME 04093-3251
Telephone:  207-929-5941 or cell - 207-749-3273 (leave message)

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Labrador Retrievers
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This page was last updated: June 7, 2024
For "all" Boarding / Doggie Day Care information visit:  About Maranatha.

Our hours on the weekends do change in the Winter vs. Summer.  We would hate to have you make a trip and not have us be open.  Please take a look at season changes.

We hope you enjoy going though our web site.  Our site has lots of photos for your viewing pleasure and as a means to enable you to obtain a good idea about the services we provide and who we are in relation to our kennel services; especially with our "Day Care" program.

Maranatha Kennels is also proud to announce that our very first pup coming from our Started Dog Program, in 2006
Maranathas Black "Powder"
Is  theYoungest dog to pass an Advance FEMA USAR Test

 Training Center (by Top Pond), all our large outside Pens (for those in Day Care, or regular Boarders that ask for extra exercise for their dog while here)

For our Day Care Customers the back 5 acres is now all fenced in and go for supervised walks, plenty of water/land for them to enjoy.

One of our  goals was to add a Agility course in the front field to make available for training.

We are also adding a small building that  and our private/quiet  area birthing area for our Lab puppies.  Also a quiet area for our older dogs coming in...

coming up the driveway you can see the Agility/confidence course, for our Training dogs - which include, our own, S&R, Retriever training, and those in Boot Camp 

Due to the Horrific Storm over in the Phlippin's and surrounding areas....a couple of the Maranatha dogs (Cadaver trained) had a opportunity to go over and assist in the recovery the Patella, owned by Jim Houck they made three trips over and  was able to assist through
 in the recovery efforts...To the right...Mike Z. was able to assist also on one of the trips....with one of our very  own cadaver dogs..."Paige"...

+++Patella was awarded the ACE Award (Award of Canine Excellence).... from AKC the first of the year...she came in first in the Cadagory of Search and Rescue...

....(Patella came out of our HR started dog program)
To the Right.....3 - P-Dogs join many in the Challenge of finding lthe live victims in the devastating Earth Quake in NEPA:'s 7.8 Earth quake with many tremors following ranking still around 7.1....from Left to Right...are FEMA CE Virginia Task Force I - K-9's - Phayu, Pryse, and Port
3 - P-Dogs - Party Girl, Doak, and Powder.... (amongst Many others waiting for their turn to load the plane that will take them to the devastation in Haiti....where the dogs deployed for 10+ days helping to locate the still buried live victims...
Spring of 2015 ....3 of our Pups (3 different litters) were picked up to be future working dogs for the Pennsylvania Game Commission....they are much older now and also trained to actually be working can also follow them on the The Game commission Website
Puppies and some of the Girls here at Maranatha..... in training
....Above....Panda, Pherris, Phunny .... lining up for their Senior Hunter Bird...
at a Hunt Test in New York
Peace and her Toy
Paige .... detailing a Car
Peace bringing in the bird at a Hunt Test.....