Rates for Day Care Rates are ..... $16.00 per day; 1/2 price for second dog.

Schedule for "Day Care":  Doors open as early as 6:00 A.M. and closed when the last dog is picked up; usually around 7:00 P.M. (Exception -- Holidays).  If it is going to be later then that we ask that you mention it to us so it can be done; only by special arrangement.  "Drop off and Pickups" are "ALL" done unassisted.  We will walk you through all information.  

 we are only taking Day Care dogs that are committed to coming at least "3”days a week "YEAR ROUND".  Our Day Care Program is open Monday through Friday (no weekends)…. If  during the week you need to do a one day with us…. You will need to go through our Boarding program … 
which our hours are 7- 4:00 …. (Best to prearrange- for more details…no drop ins please)
 Winters & Snow: The Joy of Snow... All still get out to play with others, and go home nice and tired!! J
Group Size:
Groups "will" vary in size, depending on who comes in for the day, and if they all have "made" friends with each other.  Now that the Swim-By pond is safely frozen over (below) they are having a good time.
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26 Junes Way
West Buxton, ME 04093-3251
Telephone:  207-929-5941
E-Mail:  cawood@sacoriver.net
Pups & Adult Dogs Day Care 

Young Dogs In Smaller Groups:
The group of dogs "below" sometimes will get divided up into smaller groups.  We have the "play areas"  so we can  keep our groups small.  We do rotate the pups around, so they make many different friends each week when staying with us.  Some pups come every day, some 2 or 3 times a week.
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Picture to the LEFT and BELOW is Robin who is spending time with this group, helping them to get just a little more exercise before taking a break.  Pups at this age/stage of growth, "need", this outdoor fun.
On this particular day this group with "Robin" were: 
Tess, Chelsea, Mable, Josie, Primer, Pete, Lily, and Oakley.  Pocket even joined  in their play time (Pocket is one of ours).
Maranatha Gifts:
Below some of Christmas celebrations in the Past...

Picture "below"...are some of the Day Care activiites...and play sessions with one another :)
We have many different size yards.  These are around 40x50.  Plenty of space to "run" and "play with toys and/or friends.  Below are some of our Middle Aged Group of Young Dogs.  Dogs names in the picture from Right to Left to Right:  Feather, Crash and Zoey.
Photo Album | Day Care
Photo Album:  
Day Care
Above:  Everyone, absolutely loves to come and run!!
Picture of "2" separate groups separate groups in our 40 x 50 Yards.
Left to Right:  MaggieMac, and Pepper.
Names of pups in above photo: Barley, Josey, and Lily.
Many people "ask" what Breed Barley is?  Barley is a Briard.
Oakley and his Sister - Lily
Lily and Josey
Left:  Looks like Lab City in this Picture (Dogs are playing with "Lauren").....There is a Golden (Lucy)...in here someplace.

Most of our "Day Care Dogs" are Labs.  They are also the #1 Registered Dog with A.K.C.  (Not in order:   Lucy, Beau, Mac, Espen, Maggie G, Pepper, Phreedom.
Above - Picture of Rusy, one of the German Shepherds that come here for Day Care.
Above - Picture recently shared with us by "Piper's" owner, showing us what happens after she picks Piper up from Day Care....
Lily, chasing Oakley and Josie.  The threesome are buddies.  Lily and Oakley have been coming to our kennel since they were 8 weeks of age.  

We have a "Great Day Care Program" for pups; keeping them out of being in a Crate for the Day while owners are at work!!
 To the Left:  "Our" Puppy Day Care Program...  The youngest group that we have, in the group today:  Pixie, Ellie, Punch, and Kya.  (Dash is hiding)

They are playing on a rock pile, put together for their yard to learn "balance", and "footing", and to peak their curiousity.  This Spring, more of a agility course will be put together for them.

They are also in a Yard that has the highest exposure.  Weather permitting we get them outdoors as often as they like.

Want your puppy to have a great start in Life?  Check out putting him/her in "a" Day Care, with a program designed for young puppies.

Many of our Pictures show "Retrievers", but we have many other breeds that are welcomed to come here also...
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Above, waiting to be picked up, are pets in our "Day Care" Room for unassisted drop off and pick up.  Above waiting to go home with them...is  this past years Christmas gifts
Pixie, Ellie, Punch, and Kya and Dash
Some times Day Care is not just meant for the very young to come and run and play and get tired ....   Sometimes it is for the Older dogs also, so they can get needed exercise, and not be left home alone.
New -- Changes 2007

Our next Planned Project is going to be very exciting for our Day Care Program... starting in the Spring, we are going to "Fence" in our entire, back Field; covers several acres.  This area also includes a very large Man Made Pond with Islands.  (Update...Fencing is DONE!!)

This will be done so all of our Friendly Groups can enjoy a wonderful Daily walk/run added to compliment their exercise program with us.  This won't be exclusive to just large groups; it can be just a couple of dogs, all the way down to just one who will have the pleasure of this added fun time.

This will be for all ages; from the very young to the oldest dogs that comes here to Maranatha Farm Kennels.  For those that enjoy water, and for those that don't there is still plenty of "land" for them to enjoy their walk/run.

This pleasure will be off limits during the seasons of freezing and thawing of "ice" on the pond.  All field trips will be done "always" with supervision.

8 A Day of Pup / Doggie Day Care Here at Maranatha Farm Kennels:

We have many different age groups and will share their playtime with you in as many pictures as we can take.  Our primary set up for Pups / Dog Day Care, is to keep all our "furry friends" active during the day, and having a "good" time.  This is during "all" seasons, and weather!  

We "all" get out and play.  Some of our  larger outside pens range from 100x200, 40x70.  Most are  40x50; great sizes to do group plays... fun outdoors, during the really cold weather.  Dogs are put into larger groups and are rotated with many breaks to rest and get warm