Photo-Labrador Retrievers Gun Hunt training test.
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This page was last updated: July 17, 2022
26 Junes Way
West Buxton, ME 04093-3251
Telephone:  207-929-5941
One of our Kennel Facilities
Raising Labradors
Stephen and June Cawood welcome you to Maranatha Farm Kennels located in West Buxton, Maine.  We are a full time, full service Kennel, offering boarding, grooming, retriever training, and obedience training, and day care services.    The kennel has a onsite manager 24/7.
Our Kennels are air conditioned in the Summer and heated in the Winter.  Dogs are watched on C.C. TV, when we are not able to be with them.  Pens inside vary in size to accommodate all breeds

Maranatha Farm Kennels also offers quality Labrador puppies, and stud service to approved females.  All of our breeding stock is AKC registered and Hunt Test Titled, with OFA ratings Penn-Hip also being done, Elbows checked and annual ACVO eye clearances before breeding.  In addition, to beautiful puppies we occasionally offer started retrievers, (more info on this on our Started Dog Page)

Take a tour of our website showing our Kennel, our Labradors, and some of the beautiful grounds that we train on.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call (207-929-5941), or E-Mail:
At the end of a hunt test.
Totally fenced in extra large yard, with one of our ponds inside so dogs that like water can swim all they want; large play areas are for dogs here for Day Care or for dogs here for Training.

Dogs coming in for boarding -- $5.00 fee for extra exercise time.

8Information on our Boarding:
Our hours for pick up and drop off are.

u MONDAY - FRIDAY  7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m
We are open till 5:00 P.M. Gates close right at that time.  Dogs really need to be picked up "or" dropped off by 4:30 P.M..  This gives us time to either give you information, or receive such from you.

Each day we are closed from 12:00 N till 2:00 P.M.

u SATURDAY -   8:00 - 9:00 A.M. "ONLY"

u SUNDAY - 3:00 - 5:00  (Holidays - Vary)

8PLEASE NOTE:  To keep everyone safe, we are completely fenced in...and have many gates in the parking lots, and driveway when we are closed.  While closed, we are not set up for pickups and dropping off outside of our scheduled "open times"...

We offer Day Care Programs for those Dogs needing extra exercise, or perhaps you don't want them home too long.  Visit our Day Care page on this website, to view our set up,...and see how our dogs enjoy themselves.  

That you keep your pet up to date on all vaccines, including kennel cough (Bordetella), and supply us with the dates of these vaccines for our records.

Please Note:  We have found that dogs have gotten the Kennel cough even after being given the vaccination, because there are many different strains out there.  Please talk to your vet ahead of time on this subject... Thank You.

Your pet will have an individual indoor/outdoor run space.  If  bringing more then one pet, please let us know if we can put them together (safely)..

Your pet will be given the food that you bring, please let us know of any special instructions.  Also if there is any medication that needs to be given.

We will supply dog dishes, bedding and other supplies to keep him/her happy and comfortable.

We can provide exercise, play, or swimming sessions for an additional $5.00 per session.

This exercise is scheduled into the Day Care program:  We can take in Dogs of all sizes.  Our pictures show dogs, coming outside from their inside pens.  Dogs are separated so they may come out to say hello.  Inside they have a place to rest and sleep if they choose.   We also have some large Day pens for dogs wanting more exercise
Morning view of our extra large Day Care Pens for Single or group plays (100 x 150).  One with a pond and one without.  Large yards are for one or more dogs, and dogs all have a turn.  If they are in for Day Care, Training, or if there is a request from our boarding customers for extra exercise for their pets; of course these pets need to be friendly and obedient due to the size of the yards.
 Call Us anytime, you would like to set up an appointment to stop by and meet with us, or do a day of Day Care before booking your pet in for Boarding... Our Office Number is:   207-929-5941  or email:
vNOTE  Our Rates are....  For one dog it will be $20.00 per day;  any part of a day there is a charge.  For two (2) dogs it would will be $30.00 a day.  Price for 3 will generally be around $36.00 per day...depending on size of the dogs...we may recommend two pens side by side pens

If you have multiple dogs, we are finding many of those will need separating at certain times, such as meals and nighttime. If this is the case there will be an extra charge. "And" you will need to let us know ahead of time...  Thank you!!

****Easy to reserve a spot...just give us a email:    give us dates, and your email and we will get right back to you. +++
We can accommodate small and  large size pets, this pen is one of our outside "Day" Pens, for dogs to enjoy extra exercise.
Dogs can go in and out (weather permitting) anytime they want, to come out and socialize and say hi to a neighbor or stay inside and take a nap.  A lot is always going on to keep them busy.  
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8About Maranatha Farm Kennels
Dogs come to get the needed exercise in our Day Care Program