Labrador Retriever
Pedigree Stud - Breeding Dog's (Sire)
OUR..... Labrador Retriever (Males ): 
Are very intelligent  , also very bid-able due to their pedigree.

Their looks and demeanor exemplifies the Labrador Retriever so sought after today.  It's no wonder that they  turn heads in the field. They are gifted through genetics for  tremendous marking ability and  intense desire is obvious.   loves to work, and will do whatever is requested.  Their diligence has earned them many different titles to date...Once their Hunt and field work is done...we will be turning toward other venues of competition such as tracking and obedience..

They are handsome and rugged They are dogs who are extremely sensible and hard driving with the wonderful Labrador temperament. 
There pedigrees includes many of the top producing and winning Labs of all times......Please ask for a copy of their pedigree.

Information:  "Girls" coming in for breeding

u Pricing subject to change without notice.

u Females must have have all clearance certificates, and current negative Brucellosis test.

u Airport transportation fees, boarding fees, veterinary service fees may be applicable and are the responsibility of the owner of the female.

u All girls bred to Maranatha Kennels Labrador Retriever stud dogs will be listed on our web page, at no extra charge

Stud Fee - $1,500.00    (Subject to Change)
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The American Kennel Club has many events in which titles are offered. Dogs who achieve these titles are entitled to have them listed on their pedigrees and certificates, and in event catalogues. These titles become an official part of a dog’s record with the AKC.

Some titles are appended to the beginning of a dog's name, and others are appended after the dog's name. Note that titles earned in a foreign country, or under non-AKC rules and regulations, are not shown on AKC pedigrees, certificates, or event catalogs.
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8Maranatha Boys 
Reg name is Luking Good... Call Name is "Primer"

Maranathas Prophet Take it to the Limit  (Beautiful Fox Red)    
 AKC# SR70537001
Microchip #  985-121-007-807-092

DOB - 12/05/2011
Sire - 2011 NAFC FC Cut a Lean Grade (Grady)
Dam- HRCH Maranathas She's Got Phanesse SH

EIC and CNM - Clear
OFA - Excellent - LR-206651E24M-VPI
EYE - LREYE907/4/51M-VPI
PRA - Normal/Clear 
Elbows Normal - LR-EL61415M24-VPI
ECHO - Ultra sound - Normal - LR-CA9082/51M/C-VPI-ECHO

He is a Grandson to FC AFC Code Blue

A Truly Talented young dog...
Made the Derby List in 2013 with 22 points.Earned the QA2 Title in the spring of 2014 with 2 First
Working on his Master Title in the summer of 2014
HRCH   Maranatha's Prophet Take it to the Limit  QA2 MH
Primer is the Son of Pie and Prophet....

DOB - 10/27/2016
AKC SR94115510
DNA Profile #V733628
UKC -   
PRA - Clear/Normal
EIC and CNM - Clear/Normal
Penn Hip Results  Left .26  right - .25   90%
Heart Echo.... Clear/Normal
Sire - HRCH Maranathas Prophet Take it to the Limit MH
Dam - HRCH Maranathas Sweet Potatoe Pie SH

HRCH Maranatha's "Perfect" Score MH QAA
DOB  9/26/2012    SR74890001

EIC and CNM - Clear
Penn-Hip   .27 left and .27 right  (90+)
Elbows LR-EL70245M37-VPI - Normal
PRA- Normal /Clear
EYE - LR-EYE8405/37M-VPI

Sire FC AFC Coolwaters Knockout  SR-44702401
Dam: Maranathas Easy Pick Patella

Grandson of  NFC AFC Five Star General Patton.....And HRCH Maranatha's Pledge of Allegiance MH
Maranatha's Black Ice MH 
Call name "Phreeze"

DOB 1/20/2014
AKC - SR81663004
Sire:  FC AFC Rev Blu Genes
Dam:  Oakridges Brooke of Blackwater MH
EIC and CNM - clear
HIPS- PENN-HIP --- left-.37, right - .32

Grandson to FC AFC The Preacher
Prophet was also Tested Normal/Clear on the PRA  Eye Testing...Through OptiGen, LLC 
"Prophet, Perfect, and Pledge now has Frozen Semen in storage,....Fresh Chilled is also available to approved females
"Phreeze is .....Out of a Great field champion.--- FC AFC Rev blue genes....Phreeze like him will have pups ready for what ever folks want ...agility, search and rescue, detection work...the list will go on and on.....