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HR Maranatha Westwind Patient "Patty" JH WCI
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Below:  Are some beautiful outstanding Labs, they  will be working on  More Hunt Test or Obedience  titles summer/fall of 2015
All Girls on this Page have or are having their clearances done...we will do a quick review on each
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Our Girls
8 HRCH Maranathas She's Got Phanesse SH 
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Maranatha Girls 
Dogs on this Page are all of the following:

Highly biddable
Great Marking abilities nice straight lines on Blinds
Pure Desire with Brains
Truly Amazing  dogs to work, ...True Athletes

They reproduce some of the finest working dogs , 
HRC and AKC titles done in short order,
HRD and USAR Certified , many Pups now on FEMA and State Teams...
SHR Maranatha's Panache of Pond Cove JH
DOB - 12/5/2011
Sire - 2011 NAFC FC AFC  Cody Cut a Lean Grade "Grady"
Dam: - HRCH Maranathas She's got Phanesse MH UB SR1
Penn Hip - 90% .32 and .31
PRA -- Carrier
Heart Echo --- Normal/clear

Panache Is a Junior Hunter with a Great Attitude to go onto working toward her Senior Hunter title...
...she is also one of our Best Cadaver Trained Dogs ....she worked the flooding in The Hills of Colorado ....about 3 years ago ...tirelessly for 5 days...putting in at least 8 hour days...She will pursue that line of work also....

She is  a Grandaughter of FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II
HR Maranatha's Panache of Pond Cove JH
HR Maranatha's Phi of Pond Cove
DOB  3/22/2013
AKC - SR45883103
Sire:  NAFC FC AFC Paddle Creek's Pack Your Grip 
Dam: HR Maranathas Now That's Phunny MH
PennHip:  .39 Left and .38 Right
EIC and CNM - By Parentage
Prelim on her Elbows are Good
Eye Certification #  LR-EYE3073/10F-VPI
PRA - Clear/normal

Very Talented - intense working - Great Marking is currently training for her Senior Level

She is a Grand-daughter to:  2011 National Amateur - 2008 High Point Open Dog - NAFC FC Cody Cut A Learn Grade (Grady)
....Also a Grand-daughter to.... HRCH Maranathas She's Got Phanesse MH SAR-1
HR Maranatha's Sweet Potatoe Pie SH
DOB  2/21/2013
AkC SR-76895905
Sire:  FC Carolinas Half Moon
Dam:  Matthew's Queen  Ruby Red MH
EIC- Carrier
CNM - Clear
Penn-Hip   .30 left and .26 right  (90+)
Heat Echo --- Normal/Clear
PRA --- Normal/Clear

Pie is a very sweet, eager to please working dog...she is completing her JH this summer while doing very well finishing up transition training for her Senior Level.

Pie is a Grand-daughter to - NAFC FC Cody Cut a Lean Grade "Grady".

DOB - 3/22/2013
AKC# SR7748076
Eye Certification- LR-EYE3074/10F-VP1
Penn-Hip ---- Left .27 and right.30   90% 
EIC - Clear
CNM - Clear
PRA - Normal/Clear
Parents same as"PHI"

Pirate is a daughter to our Phunny ...out of NAFC FC  Paddle Creek's Pack Your Grip
"Traveler"....she is doing exceptionally well working toward her Senior Hunter Title in two organizations...along with her skills as a cadaver trained dog are becoming more and more solid....

HR Maranatha's "Pirate" Queen of Pond Cove
DOB 6/10/2015
SIRE:  FC AFC lanes Get Ready To Rumble
DAM:  HR Maranathas Pherris of them All SH
PennHip  .39right and .30 left
EIC clear and CNM - clear
PRA - Clear/Normal a strong Candadate for "anything" ...she loves competitive obedience...and also loves her birds !!  So she will be retriever training for sure this spring/summer and Fall...and plan to get her JH Title...then go back to working competitive obedience for Fall testing...
Maranathas As The Phern Grows
Maranatha's "Phlare" In the Truest Form

DOB -  7/12/2015
Sire - FC Merlyn IV   - SR12806505
DAM - Oakridge's Dare To Be True Of Pondcover MH
PennHip - .30 and .28   90%
EIC and CNM ... Clear
Elbows and Eyes - Normal
PRA - Normal - Clear

Phlare - Is a great team player...still knowing the value of being accountable for being a self thinker.
She is also - like her Mother ...loves water.
 ...Along with Basic training she will be looking at the challenge of running in the Derby Stakes in 2016/2017

HR Maranathas Inner Peace of Pond Cove SH

DOB - 8/21/2012 
UKC - R241-690
AKC - SR74406805
Sire - 2010 NFC FC AFC Hunter Runs Boo Boo
Dam - HRCH Oakridges Brooke of blackwater MH
Penn-Hip - .36 left and .23 Right
EIC and CNM - Clear
Elbows and Eyes Clear/Normal
PRA - Normal/Clear

Peace is a dog when standing at the line...You know that you are going to have a team player...she is also a great producer of the same