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HR Maranatha Westwind Patient "Patty" JH WCI
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Below:  Are some beautiful outstanding Labs, they  will be working on  More Hunt Test or Obedience  titles summer/fall of 2015
All Girls on this Page have or are having their clearances done...we will do a quick review on each
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Our Girls
8 HRCH Maranathas She's Got Phanesse SH 
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Maranatha Girls 
Dogs on this Page are all of the following:

Highly biddable
Great Marking abilities nice straight lines on Blinds
Pure Desire with Brains
Truly Amazing  dogs to work, ...True Athletes

They reproduce some of the finest working dogs , 
HRC and AKC titles done in short order,
HRD and USAR Certified , many Pups now on FEMA and State Teams...
HR Maranatha's Promise for Tomorrow


DOB  7/21/2017
AKC - SS00185606
Sire:  NFC FC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse  SR=48333008
Dam: Maranathas Black Phallon QAA SR-6604080
PennHip:  .22 Left and .21 Right
EIC and CNM - By Parentage
Prelim on her Elbows are Good
Eye Certification #  LR-EYE3073/10F-VPI

Maranathas Posh is a Country Girl...

DOB  10/18/2016
AkC SR95778111
Sire:  NFC FC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse
Dam:  HR Maranathas Pherris of them All 
EIC- Clear
CNM - Clear
Penn-Hip   . .38 right and .40 left
Heat Echo ---Done/Normal 

Maranatha's "Phlare" In the Truest Form

DOB -  7/12/2015
Sire - FC Merlyn IV   - SR12806505
DAM - Oakridge's Dare To Be True Of Pondcover MH
PennHip - .30 and .28   90%
EIC and CNM ... Clear
Elbows and Eyes - Normal

EYE- LR-EYE9073/32-VPI

Phlare - Is a great team player...still knowing the value of being accountable for being a self thinker.
She is also - like her Mother ...loves water.
 ...Along with Basic training she will be looking at the challenge of running in the Derby Stakes in 2016/2017

HR Maranathas Inner Peace of Pond Cove SH

DOB - 8/21/2012 
UKC - R241-690
AKC - SR74406805
Sire - 2010 NFC FC AFC Hunter Runs Boo Boo
Dam - HRCH Oakridges Brooke of blackwater MH
Penn-Hip - .36 left and .23 Right
EIC and CNM - Clear
Elbows and Eyes Clear/Normal

Peace is a dog when standing at the line...You know that you are going to have a team player...she is also a great producer of the same


Dob - 2/29/2016
AKC - SR92005102
Sire  FC AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble
Dam: HR Maranathas Pherris of them All SH
EIC - clear
CNM - Clear
Penn-Hip - .33 and .35
Heart Echo - Normal/Clear
Eyes - LR-EYE10719/24F-VPI

Patrice is a very talented up and coming 
star here at Maranathas .... very nice personality
comes from a long line of super working dogs...many relatives in the FEMA System
Maranathas Saint-Like Patrice


DOB- 5/23/2017
Sire- NAFC FC AFC Mullgan Off The Rainy "T" --SR63443207
Dam - Maranathas Pherris of them All SH 
(Pen-Hip 90%) SR6604083
Eye - LR-Eye143556/4F-VPI
Pen-Hip - .21 and .22
elbows Normal
Heart Echo - Normal/Clear



DOB- 5/6/2017
Sire- FC AFC Tucked Away AT the Rivers Edge ..... SR-67494005
Dam - Ajtop Canusa Re El Outlaw MH
Eye - Normal - LR-EYE13251/10F-VPI
Elbows Normal
Pen-Hip - Right - .25 and Left .22
Heart Echo - Normal/Clear  lR-ACA1355/23F-VPI

PRA- Clear


DOB- 11/11/2015
Sire- HRCH Maranathas Prophet Take It To The Limit MH QAA SR-70537001
Dam - Maranathas Pro Phema SR6145890
Eye - LR-/EYE14358/28F-VPI
Elbows Normal
Pen-Hip - .24 and .26
Heart Echo - Normal/Clear  (2/27/2018)
PRA- Clear