Cosmo at the top, Baron  left, and Jag on the right) is working on their heeling exercise. To teach both "sit/stay" and "heeling  just needs lots of repetition.
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Working on competitive Obedience.

One behavior that is so very important when working with your dog is ... "ATTENTION" !!
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Getting ready to start heeling.
                                                LEFT - "Baron" And  RIGHT -  "Two Young Started pups" 
                         ABOVE - Working outdoors on a "sit / stay exercise" with distractions around them.

"Come" is also a behavior that we spend a "lot" of time on.  Some dogs do better with this.  The end of the program is a collar training if your dog shows distraction weak.

This is done during our Boot Camp type program.  

Here at Maranatha Farm Kennels, when it comes to the "training" of dogs, whenever we see a need, we have always tried to fill it ...

We put up a special building to fill the following needs:

1)  One being for our  Day Care Program sometimes its "just" to cold, wet, or hot outdoors for our Day Care dogs to really enjoy the outdoors with their friends, so this building is going to take care of this, and "late Fall" we are going to be able to add another area of  supervised playtime  to the everyday schedule of our Day Care dogs.

2)  The second thing we had in mind, was to add a Program of "Obedience Classes".

We also have on-going now,  a Program we call a "Boot Camp" style Program, whereby dogs come here for 30 days;  it has been working  so well, we are going to continue it.  

We found we were not able to reach many of you that just need a "helping" hand to either get started with a young pup, or to polish off a behavior that you might be having trouble with.  Subsequently, the reason why we are adding classes this Fall.

Boot Camp Obedience Program:  We do all breeds except "Pit Bulls"...(its an insurance issue)...
Because we found this program worked very well we plan to continue it, but with some small changes; training time frame, price, and home visits.

4/Weeks (or thirty days)
Price:  $580.00
(payable when dropping off your dog)
Home Visits:  We like to do at the make sure that everyone is comfortable with what the dog has learned and is going to be able to be continued at home..

"All" training will be "Basic" Training:  Come, Sit, Sit/Stays, Down, Down/Stays, Heeling, teaching "Position" etc. Includes our Boot camp program.... For these Classes we won't be doing any competitive Obedience training's at this time.

Long Sits andDowns with Distractions

Our  "heated/airconditioned" (40x60) building that we use for some of our Boot Camp training, Day Care group indoor plays, and our Obedience Classes.

    Basic  Obedience             Done through our Boot camp programs - now
     We are currently "ONLY" doing Bootcamp programs for training...Puppy and adult ages...more info below on our Bootcamp program...

 (207) 929-5941              
  West Buxton, Maine

Email us...for more information reference our Bootcamp Program

Another NEW course will  be offered this Fall/Winter; for those that have purchased an Electronic Collar; some dogs just "won't" come back  around distractions, and for the safety of their dog, they need that extra insurance that when they call their dog, he/she "will" return!!

We will teach you "how" to use such a training collar. You will be taught how to "collar condition", and will be given home work.  The end result will be a dog that understands how to get "out" of pressure. Takes about 3 weeks of doing homework to accomplish this.  
Please email us at for more details on pricing of lessons...
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